First Two Scholarship Recipients

On October 13th, 2018, is the day that Pastor Timothy met Jerry during his LIVE field days in the Neezoe Paynesville area. When he saw Jerry he was selling fish during school hours. Pastor Timothy decided to engage the 12-year-old 1st grader.
After speaking with him about who he was and why he wasn’t in school Pastor Timothy asked that he takes him home to meet his guardian. After meeting his grandmother (guardian) Pastor Timothy asked if he could help send the child back to school. At this time Pastor Timothy Facebook followers watching were also concern. He had an overwhelming response from his Facebook followers. Many of them watching the LIVE video wanted to help Jerry go back to school and continue to help him. Due to the live feed on Facebook Jerry was able to start school again through sponsorship. After a few weeks later, another follower decided to launch a feeding program in his name. Today Jerry is back in school and very happy.
- Kali (Anetta N.)
On October 26th 2018 during one of Pastor Timothy`s live presentations, one of the viewers saw a little girl standing in back of him. The viewer decided then to find out more about the child. Anetta a K-2 Kindergartner was out of school and live mostly alone while her mother sold in the local (Red Light) Market.
​The viewer decided she will sponsor Kali and also help the mother by sending money for a better. It was then after these two encounters that truly encouraged Pastor Timothy to start the school sponsorship. He realized that there were so many children like Stanley and Anetta who were out of school due to financial hardship.
​Profit business as she only sold cold water. Today Anetta is happily in school and enjoying being a kid again. October 27th, 2018 is the official first day that LIVE sponsorship was launched. About 20 kids were chosen that day for sponsorship. We now have over 200 students enrolled in the program.