BLEF Inspirational Stories

On October 13th, 2018, is the day that Pastor Timothy met Jerry during his LIVE field days in the Neezoe Paynesville area. When he saw Jerry he was selling fish during school hours. Pastor Timothy decided to engage the 12-year-old 1st grader. After speaking with him about who he was and why he wasn’t in school, Pastor Timothy asked that he take him home to meet his guardian. After meeting his grandmother (guardian), Pastor Timothy asked if he could help send the child back to school. At this time Pastor Timothy Facebook followers watching were concerned about Jerry's welfare. He had an overwhelming response from his Facebook followers. Many of them watching the LIVE video wanted to help Jerry go back to school and continue to help him. Due to the live feed on Facebook Jerry was able to start school again through sponsorship. After a few weeks later, another follower decided to launch a feeding program in his name. Currently, Jerry is in school and doing well.
During the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, one of the staff at Build Liberia was at the school entrance and noticed 3 children walking and carrying rocks on their heads. The staff member called the children over who ranged from the age of 5-10 and asked them why they are not in school. The children stated that they have to sell rocks to be able to help feed their family. The staff member was concerned and asked them to return the next day with their parents. The children returned the next day and brought their grandmother with them. She explained that she is the guardian of the children and does not have any assistance. The staff brought the children's story to the leadership. After some consultation, all three of the children were given a scholarship to attend BLEF school. The children are currently in school and ended the 2021-2022 school year on the Honor's List.