Build Liberia Education Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Liberians and friends of Liberia both at home and abroad. We are helping to build Liberia by addressing Education, Healthcare, Sanitation, Sports, and Agriculture.
We are also deeply involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
Build Liberia Foundation was established on the grounds to ensure that no child is left behind without going to school and also to assist the less privileged live better, obtained sustainable income and build a better Liberia. The foundation inception was on September 15, 2018, in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. Build Liberia focus on three sectors Education, Healthcare, and Agriculture.


About Us

The foundation started its operations and today has sponsored over 200 school-going children and put more than 100 less
privileged kids in school. This year is just the pallet phase of the program.
We are gearing towards launching region by region in an effort to establish our presence across the country and meeting our goal while ensuring we are;
* Developing future leaders 
* Inspiring lifelong learning 
* Strengthening community and Capacity building 
* Enhancing the quality of education 
* Creating a sanitary environment 
Build Liberia is for putting Liberia First and preparing young people to make ethical and moral choices about their future, Know their rights and make critical decisions for lifetime sustainability.



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